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The earth is only a small planet in this great Universe, which is beyond the grasp of human intelligence. On this planet earth, there are numerous rivers, mountains, forests and oceans.

Out of 84 million kinds of insects, birds and animals and other living creatures on this planet, great sages have concluded that the humans are the best living forms who can lead a very high form of divine life. But they, without realising their higher form among the living beings, fell prey to arrogance, egoism, and Ajnana (ignorance) with the result there is no peace for them, putting the entire creation to chaos and confusion.

What is the cause for all this? We must know the answer for this in the first instance. Going further to know the evolution of life forms on this earth, we came to learn that life first started under the water. Later on, the creatures living under water learnt to live outside the water, i.e.

on the earth also. Further evolution took place and creatures that can live on earth alone developed. Out of these creatures and animals developed the human form and finally man came into existence


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