Sai baba Sansthan

Anyways I removed the printout of those mails to Baba and headed for Shirdi. We thought we wont be able to reach in time for the Madhyan arti but we reached at 11am and I headed straight for the PRO office with my passport copy to get the vip pass to attend the arti but unfortunately the office was closed. I tried for abt 45 mins

to somehow get the pass but it was all in vain and we lost all hope . I was thinking inside that I have come from so far and I am in time for the Madhyan arti but all the doors were closed for me.and I really wished that I could attend the arti. Anyways, we all know that not even a leaf can move without Sai's grace so we decided to move on and go to Dwarkamai for darshan,- thinking that now that most of the crowd has headed for the madhyan arti, darshan in Dwarkamai should be easier But alas !

when we went there, the line in dwarkamai was quite long and seemed like the doors were closed so the line was just not moving. Anyways , we just said Allaah Maalik and joined the line and as we all believe that if we move 1 inch towards Sai, He will move 10 inches closer to you. And that is what exactly happened. At 12 noon I stepped in Dwarkamai. We had a very good darshan and the second we passed between the window/door between samadhi mandir and dwarkamai - the madhyan aarti started. There was a tv just above where I was standing which gave me a blissful darshan of Sai in Samadhi mandir while I sang the Madhyan arti in Dwarkamai. This was definetly a vip pass for me from Baba.


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