Shirdi Saibaba updesh

God lives in all beings and creatures, whether they be serpents or scorpions.He is the Great Wirepuller of the world,and all beings,serpents, scorpions etc,obey His command.Unless He will it, nobody can do any harm to others.The world is all dependent on Him,and no one is independent.So we should take pity and love all creatures,leave off adventurous fights and killings and be patient.The Lord(God)is the Protector of all.

It is very difficult to know a meaning of Baba’s words and parables. Only the devotee for whom it was meant could comprehend its meaning .The possible meaning is given below. The two brothers on a long journey symbolize “The real I "or the Atman or Soul and the other brother is “The apparent I "Identified with the body, mind, senses, intellect i.e.

'psycho physical matter '.Having been identified with these the “Apparent I "suffers from pain and pleasure .To release the “Apparent I "from this cycle one has to “burry" it mercilessly .Here Baba suggests the mode of burying by practicing yoga.


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